10 Fun Android Games That Are Free

Owning any top-of-the line gadget, such as tablet computers and smartphones, is like having a box of gourmet chocolate these days. It is indeed one of the fastest-selling units because of their amazing innovativeness. Furthermore, owning an Android-powered gadget is almost like a status symbol-it means that you are up-to-date with the latest technological crazes. In fairness to Android operating systems, they definitely make life more convenient. Sending e-mails, searching the World Wide Web and playing online games have all been made easier when Android first stepped into the picture.

Does your gadget feel like it is lacking something? Maybe your games are obsolete and boring. Here are 10 fun android games that you could download free for your phone:

1. Best Fiends Cheats

This is an online war game. One could harvest, build, conquer and do much more in this game. There are more than 10 unique structures that one could build in the city. There are also 30 different creatures to be captured.

2. Parallel Kingdom Age of Emergence

This is a massive multiplayer role-playing game that uses GPS to overlay the parallel world. One could chat, fight and visit other players in the game. The game revolves around placing flags, planting trees, gathering resources and making the items fight a variety of creatures.

3. Cestos

This is a battle game joined by a lot of players from all over the world. You can win to gain experience, unlock new and exciting features, customize your avatar and socialize with your friends.

4. Abduction

This is a game about friends being abducted by aliens. You need to follow the UFO into space and pick up every power-up that you can find while trying very hard not to fall.

5. What the Doodle (Lite)

This is a real-time online multiplayer draw-guess game that has a variety of models and social features. The Lite version is limited only on the easy mode, so you cannot access the Face Doodling game on other versions.

6. Bonsai Blast

This is a game of shooting colored balls in groups of 3 or more. The action will get tougher as the level progresses.

7. Battleships

This is one of the classic guessing games that you can use to locate battleships. The goal is to destroy all your enemies’ battleships-before they come to destroy yours.

8. HomeRun Battle 3D Free

This is an online game that is about matching up and going head-to-head against brilliant baseball sluggers. This is best for sporty individuals.

9. Replica Island

This is all about helping Professor Kabochanomizu. Your character will be a small green robot with rockets for your feet. Your mission is to locate the mysterious artifact on a bizarre island. You have 40 challenging levels and 3 unique endings to achieve your goal.

10. Trap

This is a fun game where your mission is aimed at capturing the screen area by trapping the moving balls inside walls. It has power-ups and a bonus system as well, so you can actually earn a million points in a single level.Article Source:  writes for Android Tablets Fanatic and is available to write guest posts for your blog/website so just contact him if you’re interested in free content for your website.

How To Lay Your Hands On Imvu Credits Online

Many individuals are looking for imvu credits out there these days. The number of people interested is growing by the day which is also subjecting many of them to a lot of manipulations on the internet by naive elements that are only considering fleecing them as well as making an operate for it later on. You should be wary of such components when searching for imvu credit online. Do not just trust any site a person come by. Make sure you properly investigate site before you ever cope with them. In this way, the chances of winding up badly is going to be greatly reduced.

You can be certain that not every one of the sites supplying imvu credits cheats are free; in fact, there are numerous them that you can work with without the fear of being swindled.
A few of the good websites can offer an individual what you are seeking for free of charges. This means they do not ask you to spend anything in any way. Some of them may well not even ask you to complete any kind of offer like survey as well as other stuff like that. They just give you what you want without having asking virtually any question in any respect. There are several for these sites on the market online. All that you should do would be to search all of them out.
Some of the sites supplying free imvu credit generator may nevertheless ask you to offer very simple data like your email address contact information for e mail confirmation. Aside this, you might never be asked for just about any other thing. After offering the required data, you will be given the imvu credit free. There is however many of them that may have you complete a survey before they give you the imvu credit. Laptop computer they have you complete is normally short also it does not require significantly effort or even much time of your stuff at all.

A number of the surveys is really so short which they do not require greater than a minute or two to accomplish. After the short survey, web sites give you the free imvu credits you are interested in. You can nonetheless take it that the survey you are asked to participate within or any other point you are asked to complete before you can get the free credit does not in any way measure up towards the free imvu credit you will wagon away from them.
Some websites are so generous with their provide of free imvu credits which they give you the possibility to come back for same up to ten times in one day. Some of them offer as much as Five thousand credit each time you take part in any provide on their web sites. Coming back for similar offer up to ten times in a day gives you something in the neighborhood regarding 50000 credits. Some of the web sites can even move as far as offering you up to 500000 credits daily!

The Top 5 Best Android Tower Defense Games

There are plenty of tower defense games for the Android platform, and each TD game has an unusual premise, from a post-apocalyptic setting to the Wild West scenario. What has never changed is the typical build-towers-to-defend-base concept.
Tower defense games have earned admiration and respect from the gaming crowd because of their immersive and quick gameplay. The main objective is building turrets and zapping down waves of enemies before they reach your castle or base. You also have the option to upgrade towers as the waves of creeps get stronger and more immune to your turrets.
The first Tower Defense (TD) games were released for the PC in the early 1990s and today there are plenty of free online tower defense games, each having a distinct plot and some variations in gameplay. Apple iPhone and Google Android game developers have developed splendid tower defense games for both platforms. Here at Bright Hub we take a look at some of the best Android tower defense games that include a few twists in gameplay and boast good maps.
Medieval Castle Defense is one of the top-rated tower defense games for the Android platform. It throws in a medieval flavor and allows gamers to defend their castle from waves of enemies of various abilities. There are multiple tower types, including catapult, multi shot tower, net tower and many more. You will also find some ultra-modern and unique additions to the arsenal of assault towers, such as the teleport tower and ballista.
Medieval Castle Defense follows a set-path maze where enemies run through a maze and you have to place the towers alongside the path to kill them. The initial missions start with two towers and as you progress further, you can upgrade to new towers and increase your firepower. The enemy infantry won’t be that easy to beat and will consist of shamans, rams and healers with special powers to heal the basic infantry. The game also has a solid grading system that ranks you based on how well you cleared the level. There’s also an achievement system that makes the game more challenging ‘ you can collect all hidden achievements by fulfilling tasks.

With big maps consisting of different terrain types and excellent features, this military tower defense game provides plenty of challenging missions and hours of tank-smashing fun. The best part of Armored Defense is the extremely detailed, large maps that provide opportunities to strategically position turrets and eliminate waves of invading tanks before they reach their destination. You can zoom-in and out to get a closer or bird’s eye view of the devastation caused by your turrets. Each tank has special weapons and equipment, such as stealth and anti-missile, to attack incoming waves of invading armored vehicles. You can also use special equipment and traps such as rail tracks, minefields and bombers and put a well-planned attack together to eliminate hoards of enemy tanks.
Armored Defense has a tutorial mode to explain basic gameplay and test your strategy with towers. The game has good graphics and sound effects, and is one of the most addictive Android tower defense games.

Robo Defense keeps the tower defense formula intact and has a familiar premise. However, it does not have a set maze, and you will have to create your own maze of turrets and missile towers to eliminate invaders before they reach their target. You will have enough upgrades to increase your firepower, including flame, slowdown lasers and homing missiles. The points earned after eliminating waves of enemies can be used to upgrade mech turrets between games. You can also earn achievements for unique strategy like saving cash and other tactics. As one of the best Android tower defense games, Robo Defense is a highly addictive and satisfying strategy game.
A tower defense game with a post apocalyptic setting, Grave Defense allows players to set up ultra-modern turrets to defend humans against the undead. There are plenty of maps, zombies and upgradable weapons. With a set-path maze, Grave Defense lets you place robo towers and eliminate any invading zombies using projectiles and laser beams. The unique aspect of the game is that some of the mutated zombies have special abilities that can slow down, or destroy towers. On the other hand players can earn bonuses on successful kills and use them to upgrade or repair damaged towers.
Grave Defense is available in two versions, Silver and Gold (paid). The Gold version has more levels, tower types and different types of mutated zombies. If you like tower defense games with a unique backdrop, then you should buy Grave Defense.

While most Android tower defense games follow a similar pattern, games like Guns ‘n’ Glory steer away from the usual stuff and generate quite a buzz with their distinct gameplay. The game marries off the TD formula with RTS and boasts a Wild West setting with cowboys and coaches instead of towers and castles.
The game’s rather unusual premise puts you into the shoes of a Mexican band of bandits that will rob waves of coaches, wagons, trains and settlers for you and rake in cash. Yes, instead of protecting castles and caves from invading zombies, aliens and medieval knights, you will be the invader and destroy any coaches that come your way. You control 5 different units armed with Gatling guns, flaming arrows and an arsenal of dynamite and weapons to rob and plunder trains and wagons. You have cowboys and bow and arrow-armed natives to do the job and these units will be lazing off somewhere on the map. You will have to tap on them, pay some gold and hire them to wreck havoc on any incoming coaches or settlers. The unusual concept and refreshing gameplay together makes Guns ‘n’ Glory one of the most satisfying Android strategy games.

Top 7 Android Car Race Games For Android Users

Car racing games appeal to the Adrenaline junkie in all of us. While many classic car race enthusiasts insist that car racing is fun only when you are playing on a big TV screen, countless gamers use their smartphones for gaming purposes. Consequently, the best games have smartphone versions. If you are an Android user who loves car games, you won’t regret installing the following games on your mobile:

GT Racing: Motor Academy

This game simulates an entire racing world for you. You enter the game as a novice racer and eventually graduate to the level of a champion racer. The game is very addictive, and there are two things you can do to progress: either play all the games, cross all the levels, understand the gaming world; or you can simply pay some real money and buy your way to the top. People actually spend real money to level up in GT Racing; this says a lot about the popularity of the game.

Fast Five: The Movie

Based on a Hollywood movie, this game offers the best racing action you can imagine. If you like the movies, you will love this game. And in case you don’t like your racing interrupted by scenes from the movies, you can skip them and get straight into the heart of the action. You get access to the latest cars, and as you progress through the game, you will face exploding tracks and changing environments! Thankfully, you can rewind the game to avoid nasty corners and aggressive competitors.

Asphalt 6

This game proves that Android games programming has come of age. By fusing together the best elements of different racing games, Asphalt 6 is a car race enthusiast’s paradise. Its vibrant graphics simulate a real life experience, and the availability of licensed cars (which can be won only by defeating tough competitors) adds greater value to the game.

Need for Speed Shift

NFS, the classic car racing game, is arguably the best racing game for any platform. NFS has been a part of the gaming world for decades, and its Android version does a tolerably good job of recreating the trademark NFS experience on Android OS. Using all the tricks of Android games development, this car race classic brings the excitement car racing to Android OS.

Drift Mania Championship

Android games development programmers worked with professionals from a drifting association to make this game come alive. No other game simulates drifting as well as Drift Mania Championship. While drifting is a little different from conventional car racing, this game makes it to the list of best car race games for Android OS on the strength of its addicting gameplay and striking graphics.