Those who have already come to our company know that we care about our clients and their business, too as if they’re our own.

Our firm wants to bring people to Traverse City, MI by making sure that businesses within our jurisdiction are as profitable as possible. Thus, while offering business consultancy services, we encourage people to see the city as a livable environment. Hence, we call ourselves Occupy Traverse City.


Our Employees and Our Clients

We build our firm among our staff with our customers in the middle of everything we do. Because we prioritize the level of satisfaction we provide and our partners receive, we also take time and effort in making our employees happy.

Everyone who’s worked with us in the past can attest to the deep commitment we incorporate with our endeavors, which significantly assist in our clients’ success.


Our Mantra

When working with either our clients or staff, we never forget our mantra. We provide service exactly how we like to be served. In the eyes of our customers, we overdeliver rather than overpromise. Technically, we never meet deadlines and expectations – we finish before the due dates and go the extra mile.

Occupy Traverse City makes a family out of our team and our clients. While we provide only the best solution and most professional advice when it comes to setting up and expanding businesses, we ensure a harmonious working environment everyone enjoys.