Driving Requirements Are Australia Is A Must

Before driving in Australia, driver’s licence is required. Without such requirement you will not be permitted to drive any type of motor vehicle. There are driving lessons that you can take to be able to attend a test drive to get the driver’s licence. Minimum age limit is required in driving in Australia and it depends on each territory and state. Each state and the territory governments are also responsible in the regulation and enforcement of using the road. All the states and the territories have uniform driving licence system. The tourist and visitors also have necessary requirements in driving.

In ACT or Australian Capital Territory is age 17. And after getting a licence, the driver will be still subject to the restrictions during the period of three years of probationary. In New South Wales NSW the minimum required age is 16 years old. They have same probationary period but with the progress of learner licence to Provisional P1 then to Provisional P2 and finally a full licence. In the Northern Territory NT, learner licence can be secured at the age of 16. The provisional licence must be held in NT for minimum of two years before getting the complete NT licence. In Queensland QLD a person may apply for a learner licence at age of 16 and they should pass a written test for road rules. In South Australia SA, at least age of 16 may apply for learner’s permit and should pass a theory test before getting driving permit.

In Tasmania TAS, after reaching the age of 16 before a learner licence can be obtained. There learner licence holder should not exceed the 80 km/h in the speed. In Victoria VIC, the age minimum for driving is 18. But a learner can be driving at 16 with the supervision of a driver that is fully licensed. In Western Australia WA, the accepted driving age is 17. The learner can be driving at 16 with supervision of a driver that is fully licensed. Every territories and states have their own learner licence and probationary as well and depends also when they can get the full licence. There are different classes of licence as well for each vehicle that is being driven. The tourist and visitor that are staying in less than 3 months (which varies from state and in territory) are allowed to use their country’s licence but should be in the English language.

There are so many requirements in getting licence in Australia, and depending on the territory and state where you are staying. This is probably to ensure that the driver will be very careful in driving so they can get the full licence. Learners or provisional is all going to full licence and from those they need to pass test and also log required hours in driving. These are requirements in driving to make sure safety will be met. So when having your own car, you must get a driver’s licence and do not forget to drive safely; this is also a must. For further reading click here.