Enhancing Your Smile With Crowns And Bridges

One reason why people cannot smile is becasue of their teeth. Some individuals do have tiny teeth which are not proportionate with their face and others have spaces from removed tooth. Yes, it is quite awkward to show this, especially during picture taking. And what they usually do is hide their teeth and just have a forced a smile. That doesn’t look good right? The good thing now is that cosmetic dentistry developed crowns and bridges to address these dental problems. It works with enhancing the teeth to make anyone have that perfect smile. If you are one of these individuals, then read through this article and find out how it works.

Speaking of tiny teeth, are you one of these individuals having front teeth like that of a young corn? Most people feel shy to smile when they have small teeth, especially when it doesn’t go with their face. The best way to enhance it is to make use of crowns. These crowns are made of porcelain or ceramic material that usually caps the teeth to make it stronger. In the case of cosmetic dentistry, crowns are used to enhance the appearance of teeth by coating it and make it look bigger as in the case of tiny teeth. Meanwhile, on teeth that are fractured, crowns are also applicable as it fills the shape and gives it a natural look.

You have the front row tooth removed as it will infect the next one. And now you cannot smile as you are shy with the space. You got two options for this, a denture and a bridge. The former is very common as it was first developed but is not the best answer for one space on the front row. Considering a bridge would be the better option. It involves capping either or both sides of the tooth with crown and then filling the space with prosthetic teeth. Bridges look natural as it is made from porcelain or ceramic that has the identical color of the real teeth. Meanwhile, bridges apply to one or more missing tooth in the set.

Crowns and bridges are now widely used to enhance the appearance of teeth. It creates a new look while retaining the original set and making the teeth more presentable. Crowns work with capping and coating your tiny teeth to make it look bigger and proportionate with your face. Its purpose is not limited to enhancing teeth but also in protecting it from fractures, as in weak teeth. On the other hand, bridges work with capping either or both sides of a space and filling it with prosthetic teeth. Expect that it has the same look as that of natural ones, and anyone could think it is the original tooth. Trying these out would surely lift your confidence as you flash that picture perfect smile. Visit www.bouveriedental.com.au for more information.

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