Our Work


We make sure our mantra as a firm always apply. We treat each business as our own. Thus we created and recreated services to fit our customers’ needs as they arise.


We build and adapt models to further analyze the influential factors affecting our clients’ business. These models show the necessary changes and improvement to their current marketing design, funding, vendors, etc., which improves the return on investment.

Multifaceted Team

Because we acknowledge the different needs of business, we came up with a consulting team that includes experts in the fields of actuarial science, employee benefits, law, compliance, and accountancy. Occupy Traverse City also employs other consultants to promote a comprehensive approach to an individual project. Thus, minimizing costs and maximizing results.

Moving Forward

The best part of our services is the client focus that involves positivity, and collaboration, not to mention the necessary skills to keep your business successful.


Our Services Menu

* Audit and Accounting Services

We take care of your business’ financial health which is highly essential in making well-informed decisions. Imagine having industry knowledge, risk and financial management, and reporting handy.

* Human Resources

If worry about not having the best employees, consult with us. We have the best strategies to help your business from hiring top-tier employees to retaining them.

* Effective Operations Techniques

Occupy Traverse City takes pride in employing experts when it comes to operations analysis, process improvement, restructuring, and strategic planning.

* And All Other Things

Whatever you look for in your business, we have solutions and alternatives available for your benefit. Come to us, and you shall find.